Program working out «Strategy of development of Joint-stock company« National company «Socially-enterprise corporation" Жетысу "became the major document of perspective infrastrukturno-economic development of Zhetysu for 2011-2013. Its presentation has passed in Taldykorgane. Participation in consideration of the basic projects which have laid down in a basis of future work by "Zhetysu" the first deputy акима has accepted of Serik Umbetov, areas Amandyk Batalov, the assistant areas of Tynyshbaj Dosybekov, the vice-president of AOF НДП of "Nur Otan" of Ajtbaj Seitov and Taldykorgana Saken Zhylkajdarov.
The world day of quality – the annual action spent in many countries of the world on the second Thursday of November. The initiator of establishment of this day is the European organization of quality, with support the United Nations Organization (United Nations). The world day of quality has been confirmed in 1989, and after six years the European organization of quality declared week to which this second November Thursday, gets European week of quality.
In Taldykorgane III summer Games among civil servants and law enforcement officers of Almaty area have come to the end.
In village Dripped Aksusky region in the presence of numerous inhabitants and visitors solemn opening of a mosque which was organically entered in architecture and a mountain landscape of village has taken place.
Almaty area of Serik Umbetov has held the next session on which the question has been considered and discussed: «About results of a social and economic development of the region for the third quarter of current year and problems on the fourth quarter 2010».
Under the chairmanship of the assistant Almaty region of Tynyshbaja Dosymbekova session of working group on monitoring and control over the prices for principal views of foodstuff has taken place. Its structure included assistants region and cities, chiefs of managements of agriculture, business and the industry. During session questions of maintenance of the population of area were discussed by bread, vegetables and other kinds of the products making a basis of a grocery basket.
Theme of courses "tourism Development in area and a city". Management bases, principles of practical realization of measures. Terms of carrying out from November, 3 till November, 5th, 2010. The city of Tekeli, in a building of University of the Central Asia.
2010-10-25 | Production of "Baron"
In due time, become known to the domestic consumer Open Company "Baron" pasta, now has changed and has expanded the activity. The company headed by Sergey Kalininym develops and makes the whole spectrum of the highly technological industrial processing equipment of such lines, as line shock a frost, перебаботка agricultural products in the frozen products, tea, the industrial packing equipment, installation on branch of seeds of sunflower from a hat, food forming installations and many other things.
Subject, constructive conversation on the further active development, perfection, a prestige and authority raising, expansion of an aura of application of a state language sos-tojalsja one of these days behind «a round table» in the Palace of languages of the city of Taldykorgana. The experience of the work which have been saved up in this direction, heads, teachers regional, the city, regional centers on state language studying shared with colleagues.
In Taldykorgane has passed a forum «Rural youth - for a healthy way of life», organized by youth public association "Amanat-Taldykorgan" with support of the regional center on ФЗОЖ. The Overall objective of its carrying out as organizers have declared, - to unite rural and city youth of Almaty region for discussion and acceptance of recommendations about the decision of problems of preventive maintenance of health and formation of a healthy way of life among teenagers and youth.
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