Use, application, propagation of the state symbols of Republic Kazakhstan – the main condition of formation of a civil society. Scientifically-practical conference on this theme with participation of heads of regional departments, committees and managements, assistants акимов, chiefs of departments of internal policy, culture and development of languages of areas and cities of area, representatives of the enterprises and the organizations specializing on manufacturing and release of state symbols, mass media has been organized and spent yesterday in the big hall regional акимата by Management of internal policy of Almaty area. It has been devoted the 20 anniversary of Independence of Republic Kazakhstan.
2011-06-10 | Summer day - to a crop
On open spaces of our fields the summer - the most responsible stage in work of farmers has come. In this hot rush period it is necessary to carry out a huge complex of the agrotechnical and organized actions to ensure the planned crop. For achievement of the high end result much is already made. Summer grains of culture have occupied 220415 hectares, on 307371 hectares the spring plowed land is finished, crops of a sugar beet are placed on 14080 hectares. Working plans on sowing of vegetables, potato landing, бахчевых cultures are executed. More than the planned it is taken away the areas on the crop's eve of olive cultures, fig. In large-scale enterprises the winter have been in due time fed up.
2011-05-04 | And again finish gold
In the Taldykorgansky Palace of sports of "Zhastar" matches of the sixth final round of XIX championship of Republic Kazakhstan on volleyball among women's teams of National league have come to the end
The meeting акима areas of Ansara Musahanova with representatives of intelligency and aksakals has taken place. Deputies of the Senate and Parliament RK Mazhilis have taken part in it, cities and area areas.
On its building by founders of Open Company «Cosmos Intertainment» it has been invested 620,0 million tenge. Everything, on building of game institutions 23 demands are submitted to Kapshagaj, have informed in city from them 10 are already opened.
2011-03-30 | On new level
The natural landscape of Uigur area is rich and various. To the whole world the beauty of a mysterious and majestic Charynsky canyon, the Ashen grove, bewitching a look mountain landscapes of the Kolsajsky lakes which have become by popular objects of tourism in Almaty area is known.
With a view of an explanation of substantive provisions of the Message of President РК «we Will construct the future together!» And reports to youth of the strategic problems sounded by the Head of the state during carrying out extraordinary Х ІІІ of congress of People's democratic party «Nur Otan», within the precincts of Taldykorgansky economic-technological college (ТЭТК) the forum of students «Youth – the country future has taken place».
In economy of Taldykorgan it is invested 20,3 billion tenge - head of city
Journalists and experts in field of interethnic relations established a club
2011-01-13 | Best of the best
In Almaty region solemn ceremony of rewarding of winners of annual regional competition among businessmen of Zhetysu for achievements and successes in development of small business has taken place. Twenty four businessmen have received from hands of the assistant акима Almaty of Bolata Takenova certificates of honor regions.
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