By the example of the North Kazakhstan training and methodical centre on work with CYSSs there will be created the same institutions in all Kazakhstan regions.
Open City Track and Fields Athletics Championship devoted to the Day of RK Constitution was hold at the “Karasai” stadium. 70 people took part in it.
The governor got acquainted the course of harvesting campaign in Timiryazev and Shal akyn areas. Serik Bilyalov ordered to harvest by to time.
The Governor of the region, Serik Bilyalov, got acquainted the course of harvesting campaign and met with the leaders of agro-organizations of the area village okrugs.
The conference with the participation of the Governor Serik Bilyalov was hold in the “Petropavl Su” JSC in Petropavlovsk. The questions of modernization of the enterprise and preparation to work in winter were discussed.
2011-09-07 | Appointments
Saparov Aidarbek Seipellovich has been appointed the first deputy governor of the region by order of the Governor of North-Kazakhstan region by co-ordinating with the Kazakhstan President’s Administration.
Help in shop building, equipping the school with a boiler room with use of foel oil, repair of lifts.
The “State symbols of Kazakhstan Republic” memorial in Bulaevo city and the “Balapan” kindergarten (75 places) in Karakoga village were opened on the eve of the Day of Kazakhstan Constitution in Magjan Jumabaev area. The Governor took part in the event..
Dear residents of North-Kazakhstan region! Dear compatriots!
High-productive cattle is bought both in large farmings and small. Besides, the question of supplying of cattle with good forage reserve is being solved in the region.
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