Petropavlovsk half-marathon dedicated to the Day of the Capital, the Day of the City and 20-years of RK Independence was hold in the turn to the airport on Jule,2. 20 men took part in it.
2011-07-04 | Assignment
As ordered by the Governor of North-Kazakhstan region the chief of NKR economy and budget planning department is appointed Balabaeva Aida Seilovna.
The conference call with akims of areas was hold under the leadership of the Governor of NKR Serik Bilyalov. The question of chemical processing of sowing and struggling with pests was discussed in the course of the conference.
Regional Foottball Championship among the CYSS pupils of 1996-1997 years of birth was hold at the stadium “Jastar” on June, 14-16.
The Governor of North-Kazakhstan region Serik Bilyalov gave policemen the keys from 100 autos in honour of the professional holiday – Kazakhstan police Day in Petropavlovsk.
Last Sunday will be left in memory of graduates of 2011.
The meeting of The Governor of NKR Serik Bilyalov with the “ROSS TRADE” Ltd. representatives in the face of its director Ramil Hibullin and his deputies Peter Protsenko and Oleg Liubavin was hold in Petropavlovsk.
The Governor of NKR Serik Bilyalov carried out the conference with the chiefs of regional departments, offices of living and communal sphere and the Governor of Petropavlovsk.
In the frames of the action “Twenty kind cases” devoting to 20-years of Kazakhstan Independence 8 events were realized by the tourism, physical training and sport department since April of the current year.
The NKR delegation under the leading of the Governor Serik Bilyalov visited Israel where took part in the Kazakhstan-Israel business-forum.
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