In the program of summer holiday of children of Ekibastuzsky region «Zhazlife - 2011» one of the basic directions is the organization of family rest. In a city competition «Happy family» has taken place. Children together with parents participated in sports, have acted with joint creative numbers, have told about the general hobbies.
42 persons apply for reception of credits under the program «Employment - 2020» in the Ekibastuzsky rural zone. On the business ideas developed by them are necessary for 40,7 million the tenge, nine more with superfluous million it is required on creation of an infrastructure for new objects.
Ekibastuz citizens celebrated the 54-th anniversary of the city last holidays. Music and songs were sounded in all microdistricts of the city. Children’s creative collectives performed on the square near the city Palace of Culture “Oner”. Children had good time with funny clowns. Skillful horsemen, arrived in Ekibastuz region, competed in strength and dexterity.
The Company “Shanghai-Electric” (China) will make commercial and technical offers for supply of turbounit-600-660 MW for the third power unit of Ekibastuz HEPS-2.
The coeval of republic - exemplary choreographic ensemble "Charm" has presented past Saturday the accounting program with the name with the same name.
From May, 17 till May, 19th in all territory of republic there passed the stock "Teenager-law-safety". In экибастузком the Departments of Internal Affairs have passed Open days In its frameworks for pupils of schools of a city.
In the end of the past week in Ekibastuz the ninth annual creative festival of preschool children «Сәулетай» has come to the end. 678 juvenile actors have taken part In this beautiful, bright, colourful action from three till seven years from all kindergartens, classes of preschool preparation of a city and region.
Haven'ted one of the major holidays of our history - a Victory Day. The great Victory, the got price of millions human lives.
New dredge, tractor-bulldozer "Belarus", водораздатчик and two tanks for pumping out of water on the basis of KamAZa were examined by mayor Alexander Verbnjak.
The exposition devoted stories of local football, has opened in city museum of local lore of Ekibastuz
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