According to the Plan of arrangements on implementation of the Program of development of the perspective directions of the tourist industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014, approved by the resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1048 from October 11, 2010 and for the purpose of development of internal tourism, Committee of the industry of tourism of the Ministry of INT RK together with akimat of Akmola district during the period from October 17 to October 19, 2012, in Kokshetau organised the Kazakhstan tourist fair «Sarkylmas sayakhat» (mobile).
Response of the tourism department Tourism, physical culture and sport department owing to RK President N.A.Nazarbaev’s message to the people of Kazakhstan.
2012-01-26 | Introducing meeting
There is going meetings with the region departments in accordance with K.P. Kozhamzharov was chosen as the akim of Akmola region.
2012-01-26 | Our Congratulations!!!
According to the results of the last deputy elections to the maslykhat of the different levels, Zerenda region representative of the tourism sphere the director of the sanitary complex “Sunkar” K. A. Sultanov was elected again as the deputy of Akmola region maslykhat.
2012-01-10 | Teleconference meeting
Held a teleconference meeting on the implementation of major projects invested by the map of industrialization, including the implementation of a project to create a modern tourist center in the territory of SEZ "Burabai" Akmola region. The project is connected with the construction of a modern hotel with 320 beds and a casino.
Regional sport forum "Akmola oblysynyn tarlandary sport", which summarized the work of sports organizations in 2011 and awarded prizes racing Kazhimukana Munaitpassov was held December 26 in PC "Dostar."
In the last days of 2011 with participation of foreign partners of Turkey in the person of the President of the Association of Hotels of Turkey, Mr. Burhan Sener, a partner of Bulgaria Milen Petrov (Sofia University), Russian colleagues Kulagina, E.V., Zaripova A.D. (Omsk State University) in the Academy "Kоkshe" on the basis of the hotel "Zheke batyr", belonging to this university opened the first in Kazakhstan Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality.
2011-12-26 | The next Tourism Board
December 23, 2011 held enlarged meeting of the Council of Tourism Akmola region with representatives of the tourist community of Akmola region including heads of health centers, national natural parks, tourist companies, representatives from local agencies, training centers preparing tourist shots, children's health agencies, regional partners and the media.
December 2nd of 2011 in the Academy "Kokshe" Kokshetau a meeting of the "round table" with participation of President of the Association of Turkish hotels. The program addressed the issues: "Actual problems of tourism development", "Multi-level vocational training in tourism and hospitality", "Recommendations of European partners for further cooperation."
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