"My Motherland - Kazakhstan!"

In the assembly hall of the College of Music Taldycorgan Kanabek Bayseitov held city competition of patriotic song "My Motherland - Kazakhstan!" Dedicated to 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The aim of the competition - the development of young people love their native land, the promotion of international harmony and spiritual unity of all peoples living in the territory of Kazakhstan, development of respect for the public and universal values. The organizers of the contest were made by the Mayor's Office of Taldykorgan, the city department of internal politics, culture and language development in conjunction with the musical college named after Kanabek Bayseitov.
The contest over the twenty most gifted students in vocational high schools, colleges and universities of our city. All participants were two songs in Kazakh and Russian languages, one at a patriotic theme, and one of the city of Taldykorgan.
The contest turned into a wonderful concert, which sounded a beautiful wreath of songs dedicated to the motherland and hometown. The jury was not easy to choose the best performers. But when discussing the contenders for the Grand Prix, it showed unanimity, awarding him a gifted vocalist of the vocational school № 19 Ayim Kenzhebekova.
First place was awarded Sholpan Muhametkalieva, a student at Polytechnic College. Second place at Otan Kabylhakuly, a student at the I. ZHGU Zhansugurov and Gulzat Anuarbekova of Law College. Three third place was shared by Aynur Zhumagazinova of Economics and Technology College, Amina Eginbaeva of Humanities and Technology College "Bilim" and Aynur Zhunisova, a student at College of Humanities and Economics.
Fourteen of the most active participants were awarded. Winners and prize-winners received diplomas and valuable presents.
Olga Krementsova.


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